Traditional II


Azoque Salad

Assorted Iberian

Chorizo Style with Green Pipers

Black Puding and Red Pipers

Puff Pastry with Special Chorizo From Soria and Gorgonzola

Tuna Belly and Onion From Fuentes

Assorted of Cheese

Green Asparagus

Grill Prawns and Coalt Salt

( To Choose Four Starters )


Maine Course:

Laminated Cow to Stone

Seasoned Iberian Pork

Beef Carpaccio and Parmesan Cheese

Fish From the Marcket

Cod Carpaccio and Olive Sauce Aragonese


No Body Becomes Bitter By a Candy…

Assorted of Desserts From the Area

D.O.Ribera del Duero, Tamaral Roble, Mineral Watter,
Coffe and National Licuors

Price: 40,00€ (Tast incluyed)


The lack of notice in the Cancelation of Diners Reserved with less 24 h. will imply the payment  of 20 % of the Coverage for absent Person